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The Roots

I began this blog because I wanted to improve my personal finances. I started doing a lot of research on the topic; listening to podcasts, reading books and articles. In my journey to become financially literate I decided that I wanted to share what I have learned.

My Community

Love, happiness, and money; these are the things that typically matter most to people. Everyone always talks about love and the pursuit of happiness, but no one ever talks about money. Its a taboo topic. I hope to create a community where we are free to speak about our finances with out fear of judgement. I want to create an open dialogue where we can share knowledge and experience. Knowledge is power; and when we share it, we empower our generation.

Join My Journey

If you subscribe to my blog you will be the first to find out about new blog posts. You can comment on the blog or message me directly through the contact me page and I will answer your questions to best of my ability. You can also add me on Facebook at Alexis Bertoldo or follow me on Instagram at Alexisbertoldo. I want to hear from you all, so don't be shy!

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